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Original Gi 2.0 | Navy Blue

Original Gi 2.0 | Navy Blue

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Introducing our iconic ORIGINAL Gi, a fusion of exceptional quality and affordability that sets a new standard in martial arts apparel. Made from high quality 450 GSM fabric, this KIMONO offers exceptional durability, ensuring it stands the test of time even during intense training and competitions. What makes our ORIGINAL Gi really special is the incorporation of original Hunter patches, showing a Hunter Fight Wear distinction. These patches not only improve the visual appeal but also represent the disadvantages and originality of our brand. Whether you are training or competing, our ORIGINAL GI is designed to meet your needs, combining excellent quality with an affordable price. Experience the perfect combination of performance, style and value with our ORIGINAL GI and discover why Hunter Fight Wear is the choice of champions.

HUNTER KIMONOS are made with the finest imported material, exclusive modeling and special high-tech sewing. Made in one piece, without cuts, which provides better comfort, strength and durability. The collar of kimonos HUNTER are produced with special material more resistant and never deform.


HUNTER KIMONOS have 10 sizes (A0 - A1 - A2 - A2L - A2H - A3 - A3L - A3H - A4 - A5), different from the traditional 5 on the market today. The A2L and A3L sizes are specially produced for people of larger heights, with longer and longer sleeves. Since the A2H and A3H sizes are made for heavier people, who have larger abdominal circumference, they are bigger kimonos in width. Thus the practitioner / athlete has greater comfort, with clothing adapted to the physical profile of each one, allowing a greater comfort for the practice of Jiu-Jitsu. (See Table of Measures)



- 450 GSM Pearl Weave - 100% Cotton

Triple reinforced stitching across all stress points.

Synthetic heat resistant vulcanized rubber lapel insert

Made of one piece of fabric for superior strength and durability.

Embroidered Pachts


- 08 oz Ripstop 

- Custom detailed stretchy drawstring

Double reinforced knee padding

Sublimation Pachts

*100% IBJJF legal


*Includes a FREE Hunter gi bag

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